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Aerial, Sky, TV and satellite installation in Tavistock, Yelverton, Plymouth, Roborough, Whitchurch, Ivybridge, Plympton, Launceston; your local experienced engineers.

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Plasma, LCD and LED Televisions

Plasma TVYeltv are experts at supplying and/or installing all types of screens. We listen to our customer's requirements and advise where necessary.

We ensure the use of the right wall brackets, fixings and cabling to entertainment systems, video and DVD players to create the perfect installation.

Old buildings with thick walls are not a problem!



HDTV Systems

HDTVYeltv can advise on, supply and/or install the very latest High Definition (HD).

HDTVs can either have an integrated HD tuner which gives free to view HD pictures via a satellite dish or aerial. Alternatively, HD Ready sets are connected to an HD receiver box in order to get HD pictures.





Freeview TVSince the digital switchover in September 2009 digital freeview signals are readily available with a working aerial system, providing over ninety channels of entertainment. Freeview HD was added in August 2010. guarantee

Yeltv will advise, supply and fit the correct equipment to receive these signals. We offer an excellent, quality service at competitive prices and a twelve month guarantee on equipment fitted.




FreesatSince the launch in 2008, Freesat provides one hundred and seventy channels, including HD channels, received via a satellite dish. Yeltv makes sure that the dish is located to your requirements wherever possible. Existing systems can inspected and repaired as necessary.

Yeltv will supply and/or fit the appropriate equipment to suit your system. Freesat can be in the form of a separate receiver box or integrated within your television.

Talk to us about the fantastic range of receivers that are available and let us advise you.



TV Recorders

TV-recorderTV Recorders can work through Freeview or Freesat depending on which channels are required. (NB: Freeview and Freesat have slightly different channel lists.) Yeltv supplies and fits various brands of high quality TV recorders, eg hard drive or DVD recorders. Also known as Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) these enable whole series recordings at the touch of a button.

Hard drive recorders enable pause, fast forward and rewind of live TV. Twin tuner units allow the watching and/or recording of two different channels simultaneously.

Your favourite recordings can be archived to DVD or stored within the hard drive. It is also possible to transfer your old VHS recordings onto hard drive or DVD.



Satellite dishYeltv can supply, maintain and fit all types of satellite systems including Freesat. Existing Sky equipment can also be installed and maintained. Dishes can be matched to your requirements including colour and size.

They can be mounted in a suitable position for each individual property, from chimneys to garden mounts. Particular attention is paid to the tidiness of cabling to give the installation the best appearance possible.

Cabling to distribute Sky pictures around the house is a popular requirement as it increases the services from a subscription package. Remote TV links enable your Sky box to be accessed from a number of rooms around a house.



Foreign Language Satellite

foreign language satelliteYeltv can provide suitable equipment and installations to receive television from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Dish sizes vary from the standard 43cm Sky dish right up to 1.2m diameter dishes that pick up ARABSAT. Receivers can be tuned to your requirements to ensure that you get the channels you really want.




Integrated Systems - Loft Boxes

Loft BoxImprovements in electronics has resulted in Loft Boxes which can integrate AM, FM and DAB Radio with TV, Sky and even CCTV signals. All signal sources can be displayed on your TV or entertainment system.

The number of signal feeds integrated through one dish can be up to 32 individual feeds or 16 twin feeds.



Entertainment Systems

foreign language satelliteYeltv offers a comprehensive range of entertainment systems; from the latest Blu-ray home theatre surround sound through to multi-room hi-fi. We also can supply and fit PA systems and party equipment including karaoke machines and lighting.

Systems provided and installed by us will be commissioned on site and full instructions given to the customer as required.