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Historical mode of transmission, uses standard wave to transmit television services


Also known as Antenna, used for reception of radio and television broadcasting signals.

Communal System

Where a signal is distributed through a building (e.g. a block of flats) using a wiring system, sharing the same signal source.


Digital Audio Broadcasting system offering several benefits over analogue FM radio, such as more stations and increased resistance to noise and fading.


The tuner in a digital set.


Digital Cable.


Digital Satellite.


Digital Subscriber Line: a method of delivering TV or broadband, or Video on Demand through telephone wires.


Digital Versatile Disk - digital storage device commonly used for film/video.


Method of encoding data/broadcasts so that they can only be viewed with the correct Conditional Access codes.


Electronic Programme Guide - 'Now and next' information that can be called up on digital television.


Frequency range used for radio stereo broadcast.


Free digital terrestrial television service broadcasting television channels, radio stations and interactive services from BBC, Channel 4, Sky and other broadcasters with no subscription channels.


Digital satellite television service created by the BBC and ITV offering a selection of channels with two high-definition channels, available without subscription.


High Definition Television is a new technology that will enable viewers to get higher definition television pictures. HDTV has four times as many pixels (dots on the screen) as standard TV broadcasts, meaning a clearer picture and stunning detail on large-screen TVs. An HD-ready TV is not necessarily a digital TV.


Integrated Receiver System - a shared reception system, common to flats and hotels, that enables delivery of television and radio services around the same distribution system, from a single wall plug.


Liquid Crystal Display, a flat screen display commonly used in modern High Definition TV sets. Light shines onto liquid crystal cells on screen that let varying amounts of colour through to create a picture.


Light Emitting Diodes TV are the very latest flat panel TVs. They are similar to LCD sets with one crucial difference ? the handful of backlight lamps that illuminate the screen have been replaced by hundreds of smaller and more energy-efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes).


Flat screen TV set, offering improved colours and tonal range over LCD.


Personal Video Recorder - a video recorder that records programmes on to hard drive. Allows much greater flexibility in recording and playback.

RF Loop

Connection which allows the aerial signal to connect to one device, and then be connected further by another connector - similar to an 'aerial out' socket.

RF Modulator

The 'aerial out' connector on your TV is an RF modulator. This puts an output from a TV tuner on to the connection, as opposed to an RF loop which simply allows the signal from the aerial to carry through.

Satellite dish

Comes in varying sizes and designs, used to receive satellite television.


A type of connection and cabling used to carry video signals, usually found on the back of TVs and videos.


Set Top Box, occasionally referred to as an adaptor.

Top-Up TV

Pay as you view digital TV channels.


Video on Demand.